Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bangla Font Problem in Firefox

Some versions of firefox web browser has problem in showing Bangla font properly. It generally occurs after an update of firefox to the next version. Please follow the following steps if you have this problem.

  • Download UTF-8 compliant bangla font (ex., Siyam Rupali) if you already don't have
  • In the firefox menu, go to option->option ->content
  • Select the tab 'Font & Color'
  • Select the Bangla font and save.


  1. juktakkhor gulo venge venge ele ki korbo?

  2. xp notun kore setup dewar por firefox 13 to 18 er protiti versione bangla jhapsha dekha crome eo eki kora jay?

  3. Sonar Bangla is better than Siyam Rupali!