Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Samsung Nexus S i9020a: OTA Update to JB 4.1.1 from 4.0.4

Several user have reported the following procedure as successful, but some failures were also reported. Try at your own risk:)

  1. Connect your charger! This is a prerequisite
  2. Go into airplane mode
  3. Under settings->apps->all (scroll the page to the left), 
      • select 'Google Services framework'
      • force stop it and 
      • then delete its data

  4. Enable wifi only (don't leave airplane mode)
  5. Settings->about->system updates->check for update.

Repeat this several times if it doesn't work at first. There is no need to remove the sim card or  reboot.


  1. I'm not having any luck with this method so far. Hoping something works. The method you posted to get my Nexus S up to ICS worked like a charm.

  2. No luck. Tried it several times. Then tried the more elaborate sim card removal and set language to English(UK) method, and still no luck.

    I'll wait until there's a more concrete method. Thanks for the suggestion, at any rate.

  3. This hasn't worked... is there a direct download from Google yet?

  4. Does this process works for HTC wildfire s A510e 2.3.5....?